Monday, March 3, 2008


Look at my new princess room (that's what my daughter calls it) AKA my craft room!! Well it's not new in the sense of a new room but I got 2 new desks and CLEANED it out!! So I am so excited and can't wait to get in there and make some stuff!! Oh and I got my fan with a LIGHT, for those of you who have been in my craft room at night, the light that I had before that was falling apart and not enough light it needed to be replaced in a bad way!! And now for those hot summer days I can have some air from my fan instead of having to jump in the pool in between projects!

OHHH I am soooo excited!! So who wants to come over and play?? I have lots of room for everyone!!

It was A LOT of hard work to get it like this but I think it was worth every minute!!

PS thanks to my wonderful hubby that spent his whole day putting up my fan, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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Michelle said...

I'm SO jealous! Your craft room looks GREAT!