Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kylee's butterfly haven...

So we did it!! This is the bed skirt that my mom and I are making for Kylee's bed, the bed only came with the comforter so we are stamping and sewing all the other bed componets. The bold butterfly set works perfect with her comforter. You can't see from the picture but her bed also has butterflies in it!!

We will also be stamping the butterflies on her walls... I can't wait!! I will post more pics as we go!!

BTW Luke has his appointment with orthopedics tomorrow for his foot so please be praying!! Thanks in advance!!

My favorite card right now is one that I made at my last Stamp Camp now called my stamp club!! I love the card on the left. I need to stamp more!! Also my mom and I are decorating my daughters room in butterflies and stamping on her bed and walls so pictures will be coming soon of that new adventure!! YIKES I am a little nervouse hoping it turns out great!!

Also my new goal is to go to convention next year so for the next year please do not buy me any gifts give me money towards my trip to Salt Lake City!! I am sooo excited and that is my goal for next year!!

Also check out my updated web site at www.inmythoughts.net!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just a few cards that i did a while ago, I will be posting more up soon of my latest creations!!

loving last night...

Last night was awesome and I had such a great time so thank you to everyone that came to my preview night last night and I am looking forward to starting my new stampin 6 club!! Can't wait guys!! Thanks again!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Vegas was so fun and now we are back and life is normal again!! We had such an amazing time going to shows, eatting, gambling, and being with friends. Time flys when our having a great time and I must say that vacation was much needed and enjoyable.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

We are back and we had a blast, the kids did GREAT!!! I am in need of some stampin time!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Viva Las Vegas...

So we are leaving for Vegas tomorrow and can I say I am a little nervous, I was up all last night with Luke crying his head off. Poor Dad and Gloria, so please pray... pray hard that he does well. I am losing my excitment for going, so please pray that God's grace and peace fall upon Luke. Thanks see you soon!!

The first one is a baby shower i hosted and we made a TON of onsies for the new baby and I got two new customers out of it too!!

My new favorite thing. I love stamping on onsies!! Luke is 8 months now and i love making him personalized tees we go out and we get so many compliments on them, Blake and Kylee love them too since they watch me make them.

This is an already worn and washed onsie, I used craft ink and heat set it!! It works great. I have also made other onsies which I will post also in a minute.