Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Faith Sister Challenge

May 28th Challenge After Memorial Day weekend remembering the ones we have lost. This challenge is to record for our future legacies. Use this holiday to document the story or a testimony of a loved one. Either alive or passed away. Share a lesson learned from this person, do you have anything that they personally wrote? Or chose one of your family members alive and ask them to document their testimony, favorite scripture or to share a spiritual event in their own words. You might start with the oldest member of your family – perhaps a grandparent or parent. You also can include the testimonies of other spiritual people in your life.

So I made this card for my Dad, he is the Hero in my life. He has been there for me and my family too many times to count. Even though he does not believe in the same God that I do but I still have mustard seed faith that he will come to know the heavenly Father that I know. I sent this card to him thanking him and his wife for being such amazing blessings in our lives. We wouldn't have any of what we have today if it were not for them. I hope to leave the same legacy for my children.


Patter Cross said...

Oh my goodness, this card is stunning! Is that a Unity Stamp? How did I miss that one? Oh my!!! LOVE It! He will love this I am sure. Keep planting those seeds! Hugs!

Kathy said...

What stamp is this? I love the card and the stamp. The idea of remembering someone or honoring someone in this way is wonderful.