Friday, May 16, 2008

Faith Sister Challenge AND Unity Stamps

OK so here is my first post in a long time but I wanted to share with everyone my new stamp set from Unity Stamp Company (the only non-SU sets that I have ever bought).

These stamps were so perfect for the scrapbook challenge that i was doing for the Faith Sisters challenge. Our challenge was to use up your stash well when I first read it I thought that it said scraps and only when i posted my sample did I realize that it said stash so the flowers are part of my stash as most of you know that I am a hoarder and love to keep my accessories all to myself, which is changing and I am doing much better at, so I thought that my page still worked for what I needed. The picture doesn't capture the textures and some of the DSP is hard to see. But I really like this layout and it was fun to do something a little out of my box as far as doing a different layout.

So back to the stamps, you gotta check these bad boys out they are HUGE and such a great value. The handles are amazing, check out the mounting system. They are kind of like acrylic stamps but they are rubber and just amazing, so check it out and let me know what you think. You can come over and play with mine if you want to see them in real life.

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