Friday, April 18, 2008

Feature Friday

Hello, today's feature is a new one that I recently got. It's a Xyron adhesive applicator (or sticker maker as they call it). Have you ever had a very small intricate embellishment that needs to be applied to your card or scrapbook and it's hard to get the adhesive all over it and make sure that it will stay. That's why I love this tool because you place your small item into the opening and pull it out on the other end and it's completely sticky all over!! I love this tool so much that I also have the larger machine too. The cost for the small one (pictured) is about $10.00 and the larger one is $20.00, the refills are reasonable also. Like always you can use your Mike's coupon and it will be cheaper.

So for this tool I give it:
4 robots because that sometimes it's too small for some objects that I want to use, even the larger one, but it's totally worth it otherwise!!

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