Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feature Friday

So this morning I went to Michael's and bought a tool that I didn't really care for very much but it may also be one of those things that I need to get used to it or have someone show me the full benefits of it. So I came up with "Feature Friday" every Friday I will feature one of my "tools" and tell you if I love it, if I use it, and what the benefits are.

So I am going to start this one early since I am excited about it. Most of you know about the Crop-O-Dile, but this will be my first feature since I LOVE my C.O.D. This tool is one of the best I have, it has allowed me to be use my eyelets and use them a lot!! You can set your eyelets quietly and easily. You don't need to be super strong either. You can even dry emboss little dots with it. It has taken place of 4 of my tools all in one since on either side you can use as a hole punch you can set the eyelets but also snaps and some other things that I have never done!!
Now for the price you can use the convenient way and order it from your local SU Demo or ME : ) ours in cattie is $29.95
OR I just saw them at CostCo this week for I think $25.00 and you got a TON of jumbo eyelets in it as well, and of course you can always use your Mike's coupon too.

So for the first Feature Friday I give my C.O.D.
ppppp 5 Robots (whatever that means, I just thought they were cute)

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